International Yog Festival 2019

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This global festival is being organized by Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board in association with Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN), where yoga enthusiasts from around the world will get a chance to experience the divine art of uniting mind, body and soul.

This weeklong festival has been divided into 3 themes: ‘Traditional Yoga’ (Day 1 and 2), ‘Contemporary Yoga’ (Day 3 and 4) and ‘Shakti – the power of creation’ (Day 5-7). The last 3 days will be a celebration of divine feminine spirit, wherein prominent female spiritual figures and yoga practitioners will share their knowledge and conduct Shakti - the energy invoking sessions in a variety of yoga styles. Besides the yoga classes, various symposiums will be held on the topics, such as ‘Yoga for women’, ‘The Yogic way of Life’, ‘Traditional vs. contemporary Yoga’, ‘Yoga before and beyond the asanas’, ‘The goal and the foundations of Yoga, an integrated (body-mind-soul) approach to Yoga’, ‘Significance of the Shatkarma in Yogic advancements’, ‘Frontiers of Yoga as per the ancient texts & their attainability’, ‘Yoga for me vs. I’m for Yoga’ (How to get out of our comfort zone & grasp the goal of Yoga). The festival will also host a number of sessions with some of the leading experts who can change your perspective and deepen it by sharing their knowledge. Various Yoga affiliated eminent personalities will grace the occasion.

Come and immerse in the weeklong period of self-rejuvenation and reinvention to discover a new you. Come home to Rishikesh!


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