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Start your Business The right way

Oct 11, 2019
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Whether you’re on your own or head up a small studio, you absolutely need to know how to run a small business professionally and profitably. All that starts with making a smart decision about the areas of expertise you plan to focus on and developing the best operational and legal foundation to run your business.

This workshop will help you make decisions on how to position your business and set-up a profitable compensation system. You may face many challenges like not being taken professionally, delayed payments, incomplete work or inappropriate communication.

In this workshop, you’ll learn about the importance of specialization, how to run your business profitably, and tips for promoting your business to prospects.

The workshop will consist of
1) Interactive session on how to run your business
2) The legal implications and safeguards of running a business.
3) Method to price your sell and negotiate the same.
4) How not to freelance for free - recover your dues
5) Ways to work professionally without any additional cost.
6) An opportunity to network with businesses/freelancers from other fields.

We will answer all your questions about running your business to growing it.

1) How to run your business effectively?
2) Whether you should form a company, LLP or sole proprietorship?
3) What is GST and why and how much GST you need to pay?
4) How to ensure timely payments of your dues?
5) Legal safeguards against your clients and vendors?
6) Should I borrow for my business and eligibility for the same?


1) Vendor Agreements
2) Product pricing tool including GST
3) Service pricing tool including GST
4) Budgeting tool
6) Legal content for Emails
7) Our Presentation from the workshop
8) Service provider agreement

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