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Sep 29, 2019
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I know you know everything..that you need to be confident, calm, joyful, affectionate, committed, loving, motivated, relaxed, resilient and shouldn’t be angry, stressed, frustrated, fearful, depressed, shy, worried, undisciplined, procrastinator. But then do you wonder why you struggle in being your resourceful best when you face the critical & crucial situations?

I am sure You don’t need a Motivator to tell you ‘what needs to be done’ (since you already know) rather you need someone who can tell you ‘how to do what you already know’. Believe me, this will be life changing!

Have you ever thought how do you become worried…? Who told you how to get worried? From where have you learnt this art of getting worried? Did you happen to purchase ‘worry’ from the store in a mall? Was it taught to you in school, college or by parents, teachers, mentors, friends????

The above statement makes you think…right??..and that’s how thought provoking discussions the workshop will have that will help you meet your Charismatic self! Remember, ‘Mind is Power-Fool’ and we shall help you understand the concepts through easy to grab exercises, plays, interesting story telling and engaging thought-provoking discussions while making you resourceful by the end of the day.

We are launching our Flagship program ‘Mind is Power-Fool’ for all of you, not just for Corporate. This program has been accepted and applauded by our corporate clients. Refer www.LeaderShaala.com for more details.

This program is for you if:

· You want to feel open-minded when faced with criticism

· You want to be in a state of empathy when someone shouts at you

· You want to feel alive and hopeful at times when you’re going through stress

· You want to be creative and patient when you are teaching/spending time with your kid

· You want to be calm while driving through heavy traffic

· You want to effectively communicate your vision to your team

· You want to be at your interactional best when pitching your product to the potential client

· You want to be effective at convincing your boss

· You want to confidently propose to someone

· You want to be motivated (with no fear and anxiety) while appearing for your exam or appearing for an interview

· You want to feel relaxed as you get back home and spend quality time with your family

· You don’t want to lose temper as your child doesn’t cooperate

Key Takeaways from the Program:

· Learn, practice and bio-neurologically embed a natural response in difficult, complex, critical situations of being confident, calm, joyful, affectionate, committed, loving, motivated, relaxed, resilient

· Learn, practice and make a natural response in difficult, complex, critical situations to not to be angry, stressed, frustrated, fearful, depressed, shy, worried, undisciplined, procrastinator

· Become outstanding at Sales

· Become an amazing orator and Team person at work

· Improve your personal lives, relations and get the quality life in social sphere

· A well thought-of & customized workbook that you will take back with you for future reference that will help making better habits of behavior

· Become member of the WhatsApp and FB group of outstanding people that will help in continuous learning while getting some of the awesome useful stuff regularly in your inbox

· Fond memories from the workshop that will resonate in your personality from the day itself

· A changed perspective towards life and how to live a stress-free full of confidence life


Participation Fee: Worth INR 6,750 but offered at INR 4,950 per person (inclusive of GST) as an Introductory offer

· Enroll for the workshop till 15th September and get ‘LeaderShaala Smart People’ discount worth INR 1,800.

· Get one more enthusiast with you and take the workshop for INR 6,750 for 2 people, if enrollment done till 20th September

· As you will proceed further to enroll, a wonderful GIFT awaits you. This is for all and it would be fantastic (for sure you’ll realize)

· A special takeaway awaits you on the day of the workshop. Details deliberately not shared as we are working hard to make it the best for you!

Participation Fee includes GST and Lunch to be provided on the day of the workshop

About The Facilitator: Trigun Sharma is a Transformation Coach having completed a comprehensive program approved from International Coach Federation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner licensed by Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP), Chartered Accountant who has worked at Leadership positions for Fortune 500 organizations for more than a decade.

Trigun is passionate about people and their well-being. He propagates the principles of ‘Growth mindset’ according to which it is believed that continuous and focused efforts will bear fruit however slow the journey could be. His life aim is to unleash the potential of people, irrespective of level, to help transform individuals, organizations and communities.

LeaderShaala has been associated with organisations & institutions such as BHEL, Citi Bank, Barclays, AXA, Genpact, KPMG, Galgotia university, Noida International University and we are committed to bring the experience of more than 150 years (working experience of Core team of LeaderShaala) while conducting our programs for public at large.

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