“Sculpt For Delhi - II” (Installation & Sculptures)

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Group Sculpture Exhibition to promote Public Art Organized By Delhi Art Society & India International Centre. The Exhibition will be inaugurated by Shri Anil Baijal, Lt. Governor, Delhi.


The event will witness the diversity in art and culture of Artist Neeraj Gupta, President, Delhi Art Society and other different artists.  The centre will be a powerhouse of the epitomic of art and cultural influencers that will truly sculpt the ambiance with their finesse. The Delhi Art Society brings installation & Sculptures with a breeze of creativity this year, in one of their many successful movements to contour the world to have more intrigued minds. The exhibitions will seamlessly occupy IIC galleries, each of which becomes its own diverse ecosystem.  This exhibition will be an evolution in the making which will adopt a generous stance that exults form, materiality, and process alongside the history of art discourse, which allows for a breadth of new readings and understandings to occur, both between artists and generations of artists.

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